Friday, September 22, 2006

Muffin -- Performer and Advice for Doggies, Kitties, and Other Critters

Hi ...
I'm Muffin, a sable Pomeranian. Among the other wonderful and exciting things in my life, like performing and singing with Bobby Shawn (my daddy), at senior residences and care centers in Las Vegas, I try helping others with my Dear Muffin Advice e-mails.

Here is my e-mail address for all the doggies, kitties, and other friendly, family critters to write to if you would like advice on a home, family, or life situation. You may also write if you have something you want to say...please be nice.

The e-mail address is

Message to all...This advice column is not for the humans...they already have many, many advice colums. It really is for the doggies, kitties, and other friendly, family critters. We, too, sometimes need to show off our pictures, air our grievances, and just communicate with each other.

If you would like information on my availability for shows and such or where I'm currently appearing, please call:

(702) 791-5336

My very best to you and if you'd like to see some pictures of some of my friends and a day in the life of a working Pomeranian, there are links for you to click on.

Muffin Loves You....